If you’re familiar with print shops in the Sacramento area, you’ve probably known about us for years. We are conveniently located off Highway 160 on Lathrop Way, near Costco. Since 1966 we are a great place to print everything from stationery to full-color posters. In 2021, we partnered with Sierra Pacific Litho which utilizes larger presses so that we can offer you an even greater range of printing services, foil stamping and bindery options, including archival fine art prints and large format posters.

Printed with Soy Inks

IPS Printing is proud to offer Soy Plus inks. These inks are soy-based and contain less than 1% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). They have been formulated to achieve excellent gloss, rub-resistance and dot reproduction – while complying with the need to be environmentally sound. 

Our Mission

“IPS Printing is committed to delivering high-quality offset and digital printing. Our focus is on providing: Integrity, Precision & Satisfaction.”

“Printing without the worry.”



What does IPS stand for? 

Instant Printing Service 

Our name says it all… our focus is on providing: 


Do the job right and stand behind your work. It is a philosophy that filters throughout our operation, and it explains why IPS has been stable and growing for over fifty-five years. Our customers keep coming back, because our commitment helps them keep their commitments. .


Fine offset lithography is a craft that depends upon precise coordination of hundreds of interrelated variables. From planning through prepress, printing and bindery, every step can make or break the job. While our meticulously maintained, top-of-the-line equipment is essential, it’s the experience and dedication of the people at IPS that puts all the awards on our walls. 


Satisfaction: you experience it throughout the process. When IPS gives you the fast, reliable quote that helps you land the account. Or when IPS calls to say a platemaker caught a typo on your art. Or when you leave an IPS press check confident that the pressman is just as committed to your job as you are. Satisfaction is our most prized asset, and one we’ll stop at nothing to protect it. 


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